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Want A Journalism Job? Atlantic Media’s Quartz Is Hiring

As the result of what they’re calling “impressive growth” — meaning 5 million uniques a month and growing its advertiser base to 60 accounts — Quartz, owned by Atlantic Media Company, is hiring for 20 new positions in cool cities like San Francisco, London and New York. In the journalism realm, the available positions include Global News Editor, a freelance Weekend Reporter, and a consumer goods reporter, a “things” reporter. The sales positions span San Francisco, LA and New York.

Quartz, a digitally native news outlet, came to life in 2012. The target audience is “business people in the new global economy.”

Here’s the internal memo that went out this morning from Jay Lauf and Kevin Delaney. The title of the memo: “Rocket Fuel.”

Fellow Quartzians:

In recognition of, and enabled by, our incredible growth, we are planning to add some fuel to the rocket ship in the form of staff expansion. Your outstanding efforts in growing the Quartz audience to around 5m unique users/month, building our advertiser base to more than 60 accounts, and launching multiple new ventures—including Glass and the upcoming Quartz India—mean we’re ready to inject more intellectual capital into the operation. 
In addition to the positions already available, these 20+ new roles will help us continue our global expansion and enhance our ability to deliver a differentiated, high-quality experience for readers and advertisers alike. The new opportunities will span the sales, marketing, product engineering, and editorial departments in NY, SF, London and beyond. We welcome your help in identifying top-notch talent—people who are smart, creative, generous of spirit, and entrepreneurial—for any of these positions. You can see the full list of available positions here.
Thank you again for your continued efforts,
Jay & Kevin