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What Is Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Accomplishment?

Don’t ask her core supporters. All they can talk about are her genitals.

As Michelle Fields at PJTV discovered:

Yeah. Benghazi. That was definitely Hillary Clinton’s biggest accomplishment. Just ask Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Here, let me help out these children. Here is a comprehensive list of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, only one of which they mentioned:

  • Marrying a lecherous reprobate whose political ambition is almost as insatiable as his need to rut
  • Riding the aforementioned satyr’s coattails all the way to the White House
  • Enabling his philandering because she needed him more than he needed her
  • Parlaying her name recognition into two undistinguished terms in the Senate
  • Parlaying that into an unsuccessful run for president in 2008
  • Parlaying that into a disastrous tenure as Secretary of State
  • Being a Democrat
  • Being a woman

That about covers it. She’s also an inveterate liar, but that’s not so much an accomplishment as a character trait.

Hillary 2016!