Nine Of The World’s Most Expensive Mansions [SLIDESHOW]

There are extremes in any situation. In this case, the world’s most expensive mansions are a case of excess. The most expensive mansion is $1 billion. While many try to just pay rent, these millionaires could probably place another home within their acreage or lease out their 20 rooms to guests. Some do, but they are in the neighborhood of $11 million.

Just in case you want to see how the district compares, here’s the Washington Post’s round-up of mansions. The priciest is $12 million. Other “mansions” weren’t included because they didn’t necessarily qualify, like the White House, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

At the end of the day, this luxurious lifestyle is a bit out of reach for all of us. But one can dream, right?

Or one can scoff at the overindulgence of it all, you decide.

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  • No. 9: Antilia. This house is worth $1 billion, and is owned by a top billionaire in India. (Photo: Jhariani/Wikimedia Commons)
  • No. 8: Villa Leopolda is the priciest place in all of Europe and sold at $750 million. It has 27 stories. (Photo:
  • No. 7: When people are calling your $220 million house a compound, that's when you know you've made it or gone too far. This is Fairfield Pond in the Hamptons. (Photo: Cfijames/public domain/Wikimedia Commons)
  • No. 6: The Henley Mansion in Berkshire, England, a.k.a. Park Place, is worth $218 million. (Photo:
  • No. 5: London's One Hyde Park has a $200 million penthouse. If you can't afford that, there's always the $11 million one-bedroom apartment. (Photo:
  • No. 4: It's a castle in California that's not Disney, and it's worth $165 million. Don't let this picture fool you, Hearst Castle is 127 acres. (Photo: Ed Bierman/Flickr)
  • No. 3: The Franchuk Villa used to be a girls' prep school, but since then, it has been transformed into a Victorian mansion and includes a sauna, gym, movie theater, panic room and underground swimming pool. All of this can be yours for $161 million. And a short trip to London. (Photo: Images)
  • No. 2: The Pinnacle in Montana, a part of the Yellowstone Club, is worth $155 million. Guess that makes sense since you can ski right outside your home. (Photo:
  • No. 1: TV producer Aaron Spelling's residence cost $150 million, but sold to Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1's Bernie Ecclestone, for $85 million in 2011. Wonder what she'll do with 123 bedrooms? (Photo: Atwater Village Newbie/Wikimedia Commons)