What Ever Happened To Luke Wilson?

You probably know Luke Wilson as the younger, less charming brother of Owen.

But back in the early 2000s, Luke proved that he had both comedic and dramatic acting chops and has starred in two of the best Wes Anderson movies ever made.

But seriously, what ever happened to that guy?

Along with Wes Anderson, the brothers Wilson made their first film “Bottle Rocket” in 1996, and despite the fact that it is among the top three Wes Anderson movies ever, most people have never seen it. This is a shame.

The next year, Luke went on to appear in “Scream 2” and then landed his first leading role opposite Drew Barrymore (who he also dated for a while — but seriously, who didn’t she date back in the day?) in 1998’s “Home Fries.” They also costarred together in “Charlie’s Angels,” which is definitely one of those movies you watch on USA whenever it is on.

Luke appeared in Anderson’s next movie “Rushmore” that same year — which is also in the top three Anderson movies and if you disagree you are wrong — and then got his (relatively) big break in 2001’s “Legally Blonde.”

Whether you like it or not, you know that you like “Legally Blonde” and watch it every time it plays on TBS, which is basically every other Saturday. You can’t fight this. It is a delightful movie. He also probably did himself a disservice by signing on for “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,” which somehow hurt his career and not Reese Witherspoon’s.

Luke evened out his indie street cred by starring in Anderson’s next film — and probably his best known — “The Royal Tenenbaums,” which came out the same year. In it, he plays the sexiest former-tennis-pro-who-turns-suicidal-because-he-can’t-marry-his-adopted-sister of all time.

That year, Luke was also at the peak of his dating game because he was dating costar/ adopted sister Gwyneth Paltrow. So 2001 was a great year for Luke!

For some reason, after casting his buddy Luke in his first three flicks, Anderson stopped casting him in his movies in favor of his brother Owen (we’ll get to Owen later). Ouch.

So 2003 was arguably when Luke made his last great movie, “Old School,” which is probably the best of the Will Ferrell/ Vince Vaughn buddy comedies, until Owen came along and buddied up with Vince for 2004’s “Wedding Crashers.” Couldn’t he just let Luke have his moment of raunchy glory?

This is when things started to go downhill for Luke, career-wise (and also waistline-wise).