Finally, Proof Positive That Gun-Free Zones Really Do Work…

Jim Treacher | Blogger

…for criminals.

Our own Lauren Eissler reports:

A barbecue restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday night, despite having posted a sign on the door banning weapons, including concealed firearms.

According to ABC 11, three men wearing hoodies and carrying pistols entered The Pit from the back, assaulted two of the employees and made others lie on the floor.

The solution to this problem should be obvious to even the dumbest, tiny-penis-compensating, teabagging, gun-obsessed wingnut:

We need to spend more money on education.

These men are victims of Republicans cutting funds to schools. How were these three victims of society supposed to obey a sign they couldn’t even read?

And now, back to Planet Earth. I know that Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts, who’s been trying to blackmail restaurant chains into banning guns*, reads the Daily Caller. She just tweeted this:


Something tells me she won’t have anything to say about this story, though, or any of the similar stories to follow.

Disarming law-abiding Americans doesn’t make them safer. Just ask the staff and patrons at The Pit.

*Presumably, this means that when Ms. Watts goes out to eat, her armed guards have to wait in the car.

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