Gay Male High School Student Efficiently Chosen As Prom King AND Queen

At Danbury High School in the endless suburbs of Connecticut, a gay high school senior has been chosen as prom king as well as prom queen.

The student is Nasir Fleming, reports Danbury Patch.

Fleming’s fellow seniors voted for him as both king and queen of this year’s senior prom, which occurred on Saturday night

School officials would not allow Fleming to accept both honors, though. Thus, he accepted a tiara while graciously forgoing any crown.

The beaming prom queen thanked students for voting him into Danbury High royalty. He offered a special expression of gratitude to Rohit Das, the guy who ended up being prom king, because Das offered to dance with him during the king-and-queen dance.

Fleming noted that the two winning students did not, in fact, dance together. They danced with their dates instead. However, he was still totally happy.

“To be able to say, ‘Even though I’m straight and like girls, I’m willing to dance with a gay guy at the prom’ is huge,” he told Danville Patch.

Fleming, 17, also used his night in the limelight to criticize the world about the plight of transgender students, saying that he worried that cross-dressing students are too frequently ostracized.

“Even though being gay is becoming more accepted, transgenders are often seen as disgusting,” he lectured. “I’m tired of saying, ‘Let’s tolerate each other,’ because there’s always a little hate there. We need to start accepting each other.”

Fleming noted that he does identify as transgender himself. He is a gay male.

“To all the youth in the world: If we’re not breaking boundaries, we’re not living life,” the teen advised the Danbury Patch reporter.

“If a person can win a title for a different gender, why can’t a transgender person win that title?” the senior asked.

On this score, however, Fleming is way behind the times.