Liberal Columnist Sally Kohn: Hillary’s New Book Should Be Called ‘Boring Choices,’ Not ‘Hard Choices’ [VIDEO]

Liberal columnist Sally Kohn is unimpressed with new excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s new book “Hard Choices,” declaring the decisions examined by the former secretary of state are so uncontroversial that the book should be named “Boring Choices” instead.

Kohn spoke on CNN’s “At This Hour” on Tuesday about the few snippets prereleased by Clinton’s publishers; the entire book is due out on June 10.

But if these are the choice bits of Clinton’s new memoir, Kohn believes readers interested in her 2016 presidential prospects are in for a nap-inducing ride.

“I, however, think this is going to be the most boring book ever in the history of the world,” she admitted unreservedly. “And if this excerpt has anything to indicate, I mean, it should be called ‘Boring Choices.'”

“I mean it’s just — it’s dry, right?” she continued. “It’s safe. It’s dry. It’s not the book of someone who feels like they have to really get out there in the political environment and fight for it, and really give us interesting stuff. So far, it seems like she’s going to either have a safe after-career or she’s going to have a very safe run for the White House because she seems like the inevitable candidate.”

Republican strategist Anna Navarro agreed. “I got to tell you it’s funny, it’s funny that Sally would say that,” she said, “Because as I was listening to the excerpts, some of which [Hillary] reads — she’s got them narrated — the people around me were saying ‘My God, what are you trying to do, get yourself to go to sleep?'”

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