Malaysian Muslim Groups Declare Jihad On Cadbury

Malay-Muslim groups are boycotting Cadbury candy products because pig DNA was found in the chocolates after being tested by the Health Ministry. According to Malay Mail Online, they’re pretty sure this was all done to “weaken” Muslims.

“They have betrayed us Muslims by putting ‘haram’ elements through the foods we consume in our body, to weaken us Muslims,” Perkasa Selangor Chief Abu Bakar Yahya. “That is why Muslims are weak, divided.”

At a news conference with many Muslim groups, Perkid President Ustaz Masridzi Sat said, “Because the person eats pork it is difficult to guide him to the right path. When the day of judgment comes, that person will be wearing a pig-face because of what he has eaten. We need to unite, we must declare jihad!”

Cadbury has recalled two batches of their Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond chocolates that tested positive for porcine DNA, and the Muslim groups said they will file a police report against the company soon, but some people want to take it further.

“We want Cadbury’s factories to be shut down immediately, Muslims nationwide must boycott all their products, we have the power to take down this giant,” said Nadzim Johan, president of Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, The Hindu Business Line reports.

“Will Cadbury wash away the tainted blood in our veins? I want to wash away the tainted blood of my children who have consumed the chocolates… how will money even compensate that?” a Malay woman shouted at the news conference.

Cadbury issued a statement in response to the uproar: “We are undertaking a full review of the supply chain to ensure all quality standards continue to be met. We employ stringent quality procedures to ensure that our products are of the highest standard of safety and quality.”