Why Adam Carolla Is Anti-Obamacare But Pro-Death Panels

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Adam Carolla’s views on health care are a bit unorthodox.

The actor and comedian explained his position on Obamacare in an extensive interview with The Daily Caller about politics, Hollywood and his new book, “President Me: The America That’s in My Head.” TheDC will be featuring segments from the interview throughout the week.

While Carolla says he opposes Obamacare, he kind of likes the idea of death panels.

“Here’s what I want,” he said. “I don’t know how the death panel’s gonna work. I would like all the equipment in the hospital to be coin operated and, you know, if grandpa is on a ventilator, you got to come in with a sack of quarters and you got to feed him. And that will … offset a lot of the costs of it.”

“And if you’re grandpa, who would want to come back to a world where you didn’t have somebody who loved you enough to put some quarters in that ventilator?” he added. “And, you know, it’s a little twist on Obama’s hope and change, but you better hope they have change.”

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