Obama Offers Mini-Amnesty To 200,000 Kids By 2016

In June 2012, he used his White House power over immigration enforcement agencies to provide work permits and residency cards to 550,000 illegal immigrant youths, despite the repeated refusal of Congress to approve such measures.

Officials have heard of “rumors and reports and suggestions” that the flood may be caused by Obama’s policies, Munoz said.

But she denied the evidence.

“What’s driving this is what’s happening in their home counties, in particular, violence and fear and poor economic conditions,” she said.

However, she also admitted that the influx is caused by “the desire to be reunited with parents in the U.S.”

She said the administration is not yet making plans to allow the young illegals to stay, as it allowed 550,000 to stay under the June 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals mini-amnesty.

“We are focused right now, really, only on making sure we properly address the needs of these kids” as a humanitarian situation, she said.

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