The Media’s Wishful Thinking About The Tea Party’s Demise

That same day, tea partier John Ratcliffe defeated incumbent Rep. Ralph Hall, the nation’s most senior Member of Congress — the first time an incumbent Congressman had been defeated in a runoff election since 1996.

Of course, the media had little to say about these victories and instead continually claim that the tea party is dead. However, Democratic strategist Doug Schoen had strong words of caution for those underestimating us: “This is a clear, unambiguous sign that activist conservatives in the Republican Party have a strong position that is not going away,” Schoen said. “This is a very clear sign that reports of the demise of the tea party are grossly exaggerated.

The truth is that there are fewer rallies these days, fewer angry assemblies outside capitol buildings. With tea party lawmakers dominating politics in Washington and tea party candidates duking it out with moderates in the primaries, if you ever wonder where the tea party went, just remember: we’re inside the building now, shaping the future of this country.