Laura Ingraham Tries To Spear Eric Cantor

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham is so determined to keep the GOP from doubling the inflow of guest workers and immigrants that she pulled an overflow crowd of more than 600 people to a June 3 Richmond rally against the powerful Republican Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor.

Cantor is backing businesses’ efforts to import more foreign workers, even though the current immigration rate provides two new immigrants or guest workers for every four Americans who turn 18.

That’s already enough to wreck the middle class and change America into a corrupt plutocracy, she told The Daily Caller.

“Do you want to live in a country where essentially a few dozen families make all the big decisions or one where the working people have a chance of a better life and the founding principles are respected and honored?” she said in a June 3 interview with TheDC.

She headlined the rally in Cantor’s district because she’s backing his primary rival, Dave Brat, who was the head of a business and economic department at a Virginia college.

“I want Dave Brat to win, but regardless of the outcome, I’m going to fight every day for these issues and principles, and for the survival of the country,” she said. Mass immigration is “completely harmful to American workers and legal immigrants.”

She’s also been using her radio program to showcase critics of mass immigration, and to push GOP candidates to sign an immigration pledge drafted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

That pledge — which only promises opposition to immigration increases, not support for decreases  — has drawn sharp rebukes from some GOP advocates, including Grover Norquist. “It’s not a unifier for Republicans that the tax pledge is — it’ll divide people,” said Norquist, who is an advocate for increased immigration and heads the Americans for Tax Reform group

But many GOP candidates have signed that pledge, including all the GOP candidates in Georgia’s Senate primary.

Ingraham is battling against the many groups that want more foreign labor — the Chamber of Commerce, the farm lobby, the progressive leadership of the Democratic party, the Democrats’ ethnic lobbies, and the professionals in the media.