Laura Ingraham Tries To Spear Eric Cantor

Those groups are backing the Senate’s June 2013 immigration bill, which would import four guest workers or immigrants for every four Americans who turn 18 during the next decade. That inflow, according to the Congressional Budget Office will stall salaries and boost investors’ already record share of the nation’s annual income.

She helped boost opposition to Rep. Renee Ellmers in North Carolina, who supports more immigration, and is now gunning for Cantor because he has periodically talked up major portions of the Senate’s immigration rewrite.

On June 2, for example, Cantor told a supportive radio host in Virginia that he had used his position as majority leader to block the Senate’s immigration bill. But he also said that the foreign-born children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to become citizens.

“There is biblical root and tradition in this country is that we don’t hold children liable for their parents’ acts… they should be allowed to serve in our military and allowed to become part of this country as a citizen,” Cantor stated.

Cantor is also pushing to boost the inflow of university-trained guest workers who could be hired by U.S. companies in place of U.S. graduates.

Even though the public is strongly opposed to immigration increases, Cantor won’t even complain while Obama releases new illegals into the country, and allows roughly 60,000 foreign criminals back into the country after they’ve served their time in jail, according to Ingraham.

“Eric Cantor and [House Speaker] John Boehner…[have] not shut down the immigration issue by using it against the Democrats,” she said. “They should be using this issue to build the GOP among blacks and Latinos,” she said.

The GOP establishment is becoming the party of crony capitalists and the very wealthy, she said.

Unless it changes, the “honest left and conservatives should unite to create a populist party similar to the United Kingdom Independence party,” she said.