CNN Believes Network Drama Predicted The Future [SLIDESHOW]

CNN appears to believe that the network drama on Showtime, Homeland, is a little more fact than fiction. Also, apparently the TV show can tell the future.

Any regular follower of Homeland has noticed the small, coincidental similarities between Bowe Bergdahl and Homeland’s main character, Nicholas Brody — they both are returned prisoners of war, they both have short hair, they both received scrutiny upon their homecoming.

But the buck stops there.

On Homeland, the returned P.O.W., Brody, cheats on his wife, converts to Islam, runs for Congress, attempts to kill the Vice President of the United States and attempts a suicide bombing in a public square, amongst other acts.

Bowe Bergdahl has done none of those things. He is simply under investigation right now, so these grandiose comparisons are uncalled for. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

CNN’s Don Lemon went as far to end the interview with a pitch for the upcoming season of Homeland, premiering in September.

John Berman and Michaela Pereira on Thursday morning  held a discussion comparing the fictional TV show character and the returned prisoner of war. Of course, the 24-hour news network took the conversation way too seriously, looking into serious academic parallels between the obviously fictional drama and current events.

One commentator even said, “Hopefully he wasn’t watching Homeland and modeling his story after that because it doesn’t end well for Nicholas Brody.”  Yeah, like Bergdahl could access cable while in captivity.

Check out the most absurd parallels CNN drew while comparing Bergdahl and Brody.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • “thank you for taking these deeply serious lessons from a television show, I really appreciate it. No I’m really serious!”
  • “This show is a Hollywood version of something like this, but it is so very important.”
  • “Hopefully he wasn’t watching Homeland and modeling his story after that because it doesn’t end well for Nicholas Brody.”
  • “these issues are extremely complex”
  • “these men always come back very broken, squinting from the sunlight because they are usually kept in dark rooms or cells or holes in the ground. Their conditions aent very good.”—
  • “Re-entry is the hardest thing, and for some of them its harder than captivity itself”—
  • “Because their heads were both shaved. So you think, no doubt they must be the same person”

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