Ferret Freedom: De Blasio To Hear Ferret Owners’ Plights

Emma Colton | Associate Editor

Ferrets have been banned in the Big Apple for 15 years but after years of lobbying, ferret enthusiasts have found a sympathetic ear — Mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to the Associated Press, the controversial mayor’s administration will take time later this year to listen to a troop of ferret lobbyists known as the Legalizing Ferret Ownership in NYC group. The ferret ownership group garnered de Blasio’s administration’s attention by earning 600 signatures on a petition to end the ban.

“How is a ferret any different than having a dog or a cat?” Candace Lucas asked in the AP article. “Why would a ferret be something that would create any kind of problem?”

The little weasel-like animals were banned under the Giuliani administration because of health reasons due to threats of viscously unprovoked attacks against people. Yet ferret owners and supporters claim that ferrets only attack when provoked.

According to the report, even though ferrets are not sold within the city limits, pet stores sell food for the stealthy animals — indicating that though there is a ban, a lot of New Yorkers are already proud ferret owners.

“We are #NYC, #ferret owners unite for#ferretfreedom!,” the groups Facebook page reads.  

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