Kevin Spacey Stops Play To Confront Ringing Cell Phone

Someone had the balls to leave their cellphone on during a live Kevin Spacey performance, and someone else had the balls to call that person during a live Kevin Spacey performance, so Kevin Spacey had to interrupt himself to tell them off.

The “House of Cards” actor was in the middle of a dramatic monologue during a one-man performance of “Clarence Darrow” in London’s Old Vic theater when a phone started ringing, reports The Independent. For some reason, no one moved to turn it off, and it just kept ringing louder and louder.¬†Finally, Spacey interrupted.

“If you don’t answer that I will!” he said¬†(in character of course).

Pro tip: When your phone starts ringing during a Kevin Spacey performance, just, uh, turn it off to prevent further embarrassment.

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