Kevin Spacey Stops Play To Confront Ringing Cell Phone

Rachel Stoltzfoos | Managing Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

Someone had the balls to leave their cellphone on during a live Kevin Spacey performance, and someone else had the balls to call that person during a live Kevin Spacey performance, so Kevin Spacey had to interrupt himself to tell them off.

The “House of Cards” actor was in the middle of a dramatic monologue during a one-man performance of “Clarence Darrow” in London’s Old Vic theater when a phone started ringing, reports The Independent. For some reason, no one moved to turn it off, and it just kept ringing louder and louder. Finally, Spacey interrupted.

“If you don’t answer that I will!” he said (in character of course).

Pro tip: When your phone starts ringing during a Kevin Spacey performance, just, uh, turn it off to prevent further embarrassment.

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