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NBC’s Luke Russert To Be Special Guest On ‘Meet the Press’

Hey, anything can help boost David Gregory’s ratings at this point, right?

On Father’s Day, which is June 16, Luke Russert, son of the famed late newsman Tim Russert, will appear on “Meet the Press” in a special tribute to his dad. The purpose of the appearance is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Big Russ & Me, the book Tim Russert wrote about his father.

In his Introduction, Luke writes, “My father viewed his job as an opportunity to serve, to instruct and hold those with so much power to the highest standards. He did not do this for money, personal fame, or professional accolades; he did it because, through faith, he carried the conviction that he must ask the important questions on behalf of the American people. That his voice must rise above the petty politics that so often kill reason in Washington, and provide an outlet for the truth.”

Luke goes on to say that, “I’m forever thankful that my father wrote BIG RUSS & ME. Not just because it’s a wonderful book, but for the more selfish reason that it has given me my father’s playbook as I have embarked on my own life… Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my dad and recall his face from the last time I saw him, but I know he’s here. He’s in these pages, in these stories, and he’s with everyone who believes being a father is the most important job in the world.”

While Luke gets endless grief for being a perceived legacy hire at NBC, he hasn’t shied away from talking about his father in interviews and on Twitter.

Publicist Jill Seigel writes The Mirror, “I hope you’ll agree that Luke Russert’s tribute to his dad’s legacy on MEET THE PRESS makes an inspiring media story for Father’s Day.”