Rush Limbaugh Sub Razzed For Poor Pronunciation

Betsy Rothstein | Reporter

RedState Editor and FNC contributor Erick Erickson occasionally fills in for right-wing radio bombast Rush Limbaugh. While Rush gets called out for being a “fat ass drug addict,” and the brash things he says, the Georgia-based Erickson didn’t fare so well, either.

His issue isn’t weight or prescription drugs or even the substance of what he says. According to a listener, it’s the irritating way Erickson pronounces his words.

For example, “tinder” instead of “tender.” Or “Dimocrat instead of “Democrat.”

“God bless him,” Erickson announced on Twitter Wednesday night.

ENGLISH_af13a7_1300891As promised, when the radio host got home that evening, he posted it, calling it the “greatest email he has ever received.”

The list includes 20 word pronunciations that offended the listener. “Bryan” advised: “Practice saying ‘eh’ instead of ‘ihh’ especially in d’eh’ mocrat and s’eh’ natorThanks for helping out Rush while he’s gone, but I will not turn on the radio with you as guest host until these ‘trinds’ are corrected.”

Erickson’s accent is a unique blend of southern and Dubai. Born in Louisiana, he went to school in Macon, Georgia and spent most of his formative years in Dubai — his father worked for Conoco Oil.

See the list of Erickson’s forbidden pronunciations.

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