Gun Laws & Legislation

Cut Psycho-Maniac Shootings By Half

By Alan Korwin,

Here’s a completely fresh idea — a thought experiment like what scientists use — for cutting down crazed-maniac shootings in public.

Let’s disarm all women — that’s half the population — and see what happens!

That way, at least they can’t shoot anyone. It’s at least worth a try. We have to do something.

Our thought experiment demonstrates that this obviously won’t work at all. But it does establish one critically important element we often overlook.

The problem clearly is not the fact that so many people have guns (about 300 million by some estimates, many of them women). Disarming at least half the public — a massive, expensive (and unconstitutional) endeavor, will have zero effect, right?

You’d have to disarm the right half of the public!

I’ll get to the fact that the anti-rights people are crying out for background checks (not disarmament, so far), in a minute.

To fix the problem, then, it’s obvious, you just have to disarm all the men! Hmmm. Now that’s not going to play well at all either — but for entirely different reasons.

So this brings us to the nub of the problem, and the end of the thought experiment.

This is not about background checks or registries or safety devices or gun types at all, is it.

You could do all that stuff to the female half of the country, and nothing would change. So maybe we could even leave them out of the scheme! It would cut the infringement by half! That might be enough to get it to pass.

But if you try to single out the males, well, you can start to see why there is so much resistance, not from civil-rights groups, though they’re in it up to their percussion caps, but from the body politic itself.

Laying entanglements over the entire United States of America, to stop a handful of psycho-maniacs who have only recently started acting out, is grotesque. That level of massive government infringement, to accomplish that admittedly important goal, is as astonishing and bizarre as most of what the NSA, or the VA, or IRS, or the BATFE (which would run this campaign) is up to these days.

Do you really seek more of what they do? Is that how you solution this problem? Should we try it out on the women first and see, and then go to the good ole’ boys?

That little thought experiment (a favorite tool of physicists) clarifies something. America has always been bristling with guns. Always. You used to be able to buy guns through the mail from ads in comics. It’s true. I saw them when I was a kid. Guns were sold mail order by Sears, and cash-and-carry at hardware stores. Guns are much much harder to get these days (except in ghettos).  So it can’t be the availability at all, that’s decreased. Changing that — the left’s battle cry — only inflames owners and freedom advocates. It’s something else. It’s…

“Why are people exploding in public and going on killing sprees with knives, guns, cars, even poison?”

That’s the question we have to answer.


We have heard the answers but we, especially the political left, don’t like hearing them, and reject them or disclaim them:

The increasing coarseness of society in general.

The constant drumbeat of acceptable mass murder in mass-market entertainment.

The constant murders on TV at night. The promotion of copy-cat murder.

Advertisement of psychotic murder in the so-called “news” media.

The glorification of the perpetrators.

The so-called “games” sold to kids to train them in how it’s done, for home and portable use.

The removal of religious morality in public that provided a yardstick.

Scolding people for such immoral thoughts and behavior.

The lack of father figures in homes.

The broken homes from government dependence programs.

The failure to discipline children.

Punishment by the state for disciplining children, at home and in schools.

Indiscriminate drugging using powerful psychotropic agents.

This is a partial list.

Did I mention any you haven’t already heard a bazillion times? Did you reject them all mentally, or did you embrace the list? Did you mentally fall back on the media’s anti-rights mantra, we need to do something already — like background checks…

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