This Semester’s Top 14 Teachers Busted For Banging Their Students [SLIDESHOW]

As high school students (and, in some cases, middle school students) around the country plunge into a long summer vacation, The Daily Caller would like to pause to remember all the teachers who made news just this semester for banging students.

The list is long. Culling was challenging and, at times, almost unfair to some of the teachers who just missed the cut. But these are America’s top 14 teacher-sex stories for the spring semester of 2014.

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  • <strong>Jessica Deck</strong>, 28, a chemistry and physics teacher at Sun Valley High School in suburban Charlotte, N.C. was arrested this month because she allegedly had sex with a 17-year-old male student. Details are scant but the campus cop reported the scuttlebutt about the encounter to the local sheriff. A student told WBTV that the allegations are "not something you would expect" concerning the honors science teacher. (Photo: Union County Jail)
  • In February, Reading, Pa., middle school science teacher <strong>Jessica Saienni</strong> was arrested on charges of sexually abusing a 14-year-old male student in 2012. Police say Saienni, 30, and the student agreed to meet on the boy's 14th birthday. They ate cake. A couple meetings later, the pair had sex in Saienni's car. The unidentified boy provided an elaborate description of the tattoos on Saienni's lower back and thigh. <a href="">(RELATED: This week in public school teachers busted for molesting 13- and 14-year-old boys)</a> (Photo: Berks County Districct Attorney's Office)
  • Delaware middle school teacher <strong>Stephanie Seabury</strong>, was charged in April for repeated sexual encounters with a 13-year-old male student. Police say they have surveillance video of Seabury, 22, picking up the barely-teenage boy and driving off, according to NBC Philadelphia. The cops allege that the first-year teacher would take the student to her apartment for the trysts. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/Jarred Hill)
  • April 11 was allegedly a banner sexual day for South Carolina high school teacher <strong>Ellen Niemiec</strong>. Prosecutors say she banged three teens that particular Friday, variously at a local house party or on the campus of Cross High School, her employer. Cops say the 29-year-old married mother of three had sex with two 17-year-old students and an 18-year-old student, according to the Daily Mail. (Photo: Berkeley County Sheriff's Office)
  • Middle-aged middle school teacher <strong>Corrie Anne Long</strong> was busted in March for having sex with a 15-year-old eighth-grade boy, according to KHOU. Long, who is married, is a special education teacher in Cypress, Texas. According to the boy, Long, 43, would get him excused from another class. They'd then visit an empty classroom for their dalliances. <a href="">(RELATED: This week's middle school teacher busted for getting busy with a student in her classroom)</a> (Photo: KHOU screenshot)
  • <strong>Carrie Miller</strong>, a 24-year-old Spanish teacher at Johnson County Central High School in rural Nebraska, was arrested in January for allegedly bedding a 15-year-old male student between 50 and 60 times. The 2012 drama included lewd text messages and indecent photographs, according to KOLN-TV. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/WORLD NEWS)
  • <strong>Joy Morsi</strong>, a 39-year-old gym teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in the New York City borough of Queens faces a slew of criminal charges for getting busy with two young paramours. The longer affair allegedly involved a high school wrestler and began in a gym closet. Things reportedly turned sour when Morsi got jealous after the wrestler asked a high school girl to the prom. <a href="">(RELATED: Gym Teacher Who Banged High School Wrestler Busted After Jealousy Over His PROM DATE)</a> (Photo: YouTube screenshot/TomoNews US)
  • In May, <strong>Kalyn Thompson</strong>, a first-year high school English teacher in rural Oklahoma, was charged with second-degree rape for some alleged shag sessions with one of her male students. Police said the 25-year-old Kellyville High School teacher gave the kid a straight 'A' grade after their relationship blossomed. He was flunking English just the semester before. <a href="">(RELATED: Cops Say Rural Oklahoma Teacher Gave Flunking Student 98 Percent After Banging Him)</a> (Photo: Clear Creek County Sheriffs Office)
  • This month, prosecutors charged <strong>Stephanie Amato</strong>, a 30-year-old special education teacher in Philadelphia, for having sex on at least 10 separate occasions with a 14-year-old male student. The alleged incidents occurred in March and April, according to the Daily Mail. The charges include involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and statutory sexual assault. (Photo: YouTube screenshot/News24H)
  • Florida high school teacher <strong>Jennifer Christine Fichter</strong> was arrested in April after she allegedly had a couple dozen romps with a 17-year-old male student. Fichter, 29, apparently got pregnant as a result of the trysts and ended up having an abortion. The star-crossed lovers met at Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland, Fla. <a href="">(RELATED: English teacher’s ardent pickup truck romance with 17-year-old boy features ABORTION)</a> (Photo: Lakeland Police Department)
  • <strong>Meghan Eagan</strong>, a 26-year-old gym teacher at Crosby High School in Waterbury, Conn., was busted in February for allegedly having sex with a male student. Police say the romps occurred at Eagan's home. Other than the fact that she faces four criminal counts, little has been revealed about the case including the student's age. (Photo: Waterbury Police)
  • The judicial saga of former Kaysville, Utah high school teacher <strong>Brianne Land Altice</strong> has been ongoing for awhile. In last week's episode, her attorney argued that the criminal charges against Altice, 34, should be dismissed because she was victimized by a 16-year-old lothario's aggressive mission to bang her, according to KSL. Prosecutors say the married English teacher initially resisted the teen's overtures before eventually giving in. <a href="">(RELATED: Student-Banging Teacher Claims She Is A Victim Because Teen’s Sweet Talk WORE HER DOWN)</a> (Photo: KSL screenshot)
  • In March, 31-year-old <strong>Emily Nesbit</strong>, an English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. admitted to a series of after-school sexual escapades in her classroom with an unidentified 18-year-old male student. The district attorney filed charges against Nesbit under a state law makes all teacher-student sex illegal. She faces up to seven years in prison, according to WGAL. <a href="">(RELATED: Cops say Pennsylvania English teacher got busy with student in her classroom)</a> (Photo: WGAL screenshot)
  • In February, 24-year-old Tacoma, Wash. math teacher <strong>Meredith Powell</strong> was criminally charged for allegedly engaging in oral sex and other sexual acts with three teen students. Court documents indicate that one male student told Powell he would do anything to increase his grade. "You'll do anything?" Powell allegedly asked. "Anything," he assured her. With that, the kid said, Powell unzipped his pants. <a href="">(RELATED: Math teacher’s classroom sex featured bad porn dialogue)</a> (Photo: YouTube screenshot/maria diaz)