George W. Bush Email Hacker Jailed

The Verge reports the man responsible for hacking into George W. Bush’s AOL email is going to jail for four years.

Marcel Lazar Lehel, a former cab driver from Romania, is more popularly known by his hacker alias “Guccifer.” Lehel hacked into Bush’s email account in February of 2013 and leaked Bush’s private correspondence, including information about George H. W. Bush’s declining health and the younger Bush’s masterpieces.

The paintings include two nudes of Bush in the bathroom, one with his toes just sticking out of the bathtub and one of him standing in the shower reflecting in a mirror.

The leaked paintings caused Bush some embarrassment, but in February of this year he decided to put them on display for the public. The paintings also include pictures of his dog and world leaders. (RELATED: Top 10: Best artworks by prolific painter, former President George W. Bush)