New Surgery Simulator Announced For PS4

A small gaming company called Bossa Studios announced Tuesday that their “Surgeon Simulator” video game will be available for the PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Originally designed to be played on the computer, a player controlled the surgeon’s arms with a mouse while working on the vital organs inside of a patient’s body. The game was extremely difficult to play, and became laughable as organs, bones and flesh flew all over the screen. In January 2014, the game was released on the iPad, and it’s now coming to the PS4.

However game designers are worried about the development of the game on the new game console.¬†Poppy Byron, the community manager at Bossa Studios, said that “there was one problem, though: how on Earth were we going to get the infamous controls to work on DualShock4 [PlayStation controller]?”

Bossa Studios believes that they have worked out the problem – a player can now control the surgeon’s arms by waving the DualShock4 controller in the air rather than only moving a mouse or pressing buttons on a controller.

“Our play testers were pleasantly surprised by how good this felt,” Byron said.

The new control system has made the game even more difficult leading to more mistakes by players during surgery, and Bossa thinks the game will be an even greater success than their computer version.

“We genuinely believe that this version of the game is even funnier than early versions of Surgeon Simulator,” Byron said. “Something about seeing vital organs fly around a bigger screen while you relax on the sofa really strikes us as hilarious.”