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Tips, Tricks And Gear For International Travel — How To Protect Your Hunting Rifle

By Michelle Whitney Bodenheimer, Women’s Outdoor News

If traveling with a rifle brings on a headache — especially as you think of wading through a sea of TSA requirements, airline regulations, foreign VISAs and import rules — fear not.

I am actively planning my next hunting adventure abroad. This July, I will join The Women’s Outdoor News’ managing editor, Britney Starr, and 4 other amazing women on a 10-day safari with Starr & Bodill African Safaris.

So, I’ve been doing research on how to keep my rifle and other gear from getting damaged or lost without replacement. I’ve also been learning how best to pack it.

Traveling with a firearm can be a hassle, but with the right preparation and right gear, it can be made much easier.


how to protect your hunting rifle

(Shingani Safaris photo)


Hard-sided gun case

Airline regulations and TSA rules mandate that all firearms be unloaded and packed in an airline approved, hard-sided gun case to be sent as checked baggage. The hard-sided gun case must have a built-in lock or provide for an approved padlock that cannot be readily opened. Not only will the proper hard-sided gun case keep you in compliance with the law, it will help secure your firearm and help keep it safe from the continuous bumping and jarring of air travel.

There are a number of hard-sided gun cases available on the market at competitive price points. I prefer the PLANO All Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Wheeled Case for transporting my rifles internationally. Not only does the sturdy construction and pluck foam interior protect my rifle and scope from damage while in transit, but also, the Dri-Loc Seal creates a water- and air-tight seal that keeps equipment protected from adverse weather and dust.

The PLANO All Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Wheeled Case also comes equipped with solid wheels on its base. Amber Brandly, co-owner of 2 Vets Arms, prefers a hard-sided case with wheels or rollers, “to make it easy to lug around.” A solid gun case loaded down for a trip becomes heavy and cumbersome. Rollers, such as those on the PLANO, make the case much more manageable when maneuvering through crowded airports.

This PLANO case measures 51.5-inches x 12.62-inches x 5.25-inches inside, and an exterior measurement of 54.625-inches x 15.5-inches x 6-inches, leaving plenty of room for long rifle barrels. Caution should be taken, however, to contact your airline carrier before travel to determine if you will be required to pay an “oversized” luggage fee.

The PLANO All Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Wheeled Case is available from major outdoor retailers nationwide.

MSRP: $204.99

Plano hard gun case

The PLANO All Weather Double Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Wheeled Case is an airline approved hard-sided case, and an excellent choice for keeping firearms secured during air travel. (PLANO photo)


Soft-sided gun case

Once you have reached your hunting destination, it is most convenient to transfer your rifle to a soft-sided gun case for daily travel to and from the field. The soft-sided gun case will provide protection for the rifle and scope in a bumpy truck ride, without being as cumbersome as a hard-sided case used for longer distance travel.

Extreme Huntress finalist Stephanie Wottrich recommends a soft-sided gun case with a zipper top, as opposed to a slide-in version. Stephanie argues that she wants “to be able to put the gun in a case on the truck rack and grab it out easily.” I agree with Stephanie, as I prefer the Galco Gunleather Field Grade Zippered Rifle/Shotgun Case to meet my needs in the field. The case is made of water-resistant, cotton-duck fabric and lined with thick acrylic fleece.

This Galco soft-sided gun case is both durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The case is trimmed in dark Havana leather and boasts a fully adjustable leather carrying strap with solid brass hardware. An exterior pocket on the case provides extra storage for eye and ear protection.

The Galco Field Grade Zippered Rifle/Shotgun Case is available directly from Galco’s online store.

MSRP: $119.95

Galco soft gun case

The Galco Gunleather Field Grade Zippered Rifle/Shotgun Case helps keeps firearms safe and secure in the field. (Todd Bodenheimer photo) 

US Customs Form 4457

When traveling abroad, you must have proof of ownership of your firearms and other valuables upon re-entry into the USA. Without proper proof that the items are owned by you when you left the USA, you may be subject to paying a duty on each item when you bring it back into the country, or worse, criminal penalties for (perceived) improper importation of firearms.

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