Man Who Really Likes Having Sex With Rafts Busted Again For Raft-Loving Ways

Eric Owens | Editor

An Ohio man with a long history of having sex with inflatable rafts and at least one inflatable Halloween pumpkin was arrested this week for having sex with another inflatable raft.

This one was pink, reports Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT.

Police arrested the man, Edwin Tobergta, on Wednesday for public indecency after spotting him imitating sexual acts with the raft along Route 4, a major state highway that runs north–south through much of the state.

He wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Tobergta, 35, was also busted for nude sexual relations with a pool float last year — in view of children.

Before that, he was arrested for the same crime in 2011. The raft in that instance belonged to a neighbor.

In 2002, Tobergta faced allegations of sneaking off with a four-foot inflatable pumpkin and simulating sex with it.

He was most recently sentenced to 11 months in prison for the 2013 raft incident. His prison sentence ended last month.

Tobergta is currently in jail pending a $35,000 bond.

Family members told the NBC affiliate that he has mental health issues.

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