Scientists Find Most Effective Cancer Pill Yet

A new pill used a in a leukemia study may be the answer to treating several types of cancer, according to The Telegraph.

The drug uses “delta inhibitors” to boost the immune system. The drug was so effective during trials on mice, doctors at the University College of London and the Babraham Institiute in Cambridge switched the control group from placebos to the drug on ethical grounds. Plus, the drug has the added benefit of “teaching” the body to stave off cancer, creating a natural immunity of sorts, unlike chemotherapy, which weakens the immune system.

“This helps your own immune system fight off the cancer better,” study co-leader Professor Bart Vanhaesebroeck told The Telegraph. “The good guys win. And it seems to work on all cancers.”

The drug is already heading to clinical trials and was granted Breakthrough Therapy status by the Federal Drugs Agency. It could become available in only a few years.