New Jersey Gets Sheepish About Its Lack Of Bestiality Laws

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Garden State residents, keep an eye on your animals.

Someone might take advantage of your cows, sheep, dogs or horses one last time after an intern suggested explicitly banning human sexual activity with animals. The Assembly Judiciary Committee voted unanimously Thursday to approve a bill making it illegal to get under the straw with your animals.

Jack Ciattarelli (R-Somerset) is the bill’s sponsor and told that he “wishes he could take credit for the idea,” but it was an intern who came up with it.

The bill comes after a 2009 case where a former police officer allegedly stuck his penis in the mouths of calves and walked free. A Superior Court judge dropped animal cruelty charges against Robert Melia because the state did not ban the sexual penetration of animals.

No worries, cow lovers. It is still legal in 13 other states, like Florida.

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