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Who Are The Biggest Dudebros In Cable News?

The biggest “dudebros” in cable news just kind of leap out at you. While Mediaite has no set definition for the word — except that you know them when you see them, bro — they do appear to pick up on a common theme: there are a number of men in cable news who just sort of scream bro-ishness.

You know the type: “overeager frat boy.” Hey, it sure beats being a “sociopath, narcissist or blowhard” — some of their other personality options for people who work in cable news.

The highest honor in the land goes to NBC’s Luke Russert who rolls in at number 1 with his skateboarding, baseball cap-wearing, sports bar ways. They even link to 10 bro-ilicious tweets from Luke.  CNN’s Chris Cuomo also earns a spot for regularly talking about his love of working out. He was once a “doughy kid,” as he explained it in Men’s Health, before he figured out how to get himself in the best shape of his life.

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