Woman Posed As 15-Year-Old ‘For Love’

The 34-year-old woman who was busted in May for posing as a teenager and enrolling in a high school has revealed she did it for love.

Charity Johnson spent a month in jail for posing as 15-year-old Charity Stevens and enrolling as a sophomore at a Christian school in East Texas. Following her recent release, she explained to ABC13 she wasn’t trying to scam anyone and was just trying to find a loving home.

“I’m just a regular person trying to do something better with her life,” she told ABC13. “I guess you can say [I was] looking for love.”

Johnson had tricked a concerned McDonald’s co-worker into believing she was a homeless teenage orphan with a history of abuse. The coworker had taken pity on Johnson, brought her into her home, and enrolled her in the private school. Her 23-year-old boyfriend thought she was 18.

Johnson was later exposed and arrested on charges of having a fake ID.

Now that she has served her time, Johnson plans to move back in with Lincoln, who has said she will not abandon Johnson.