Kitten Rescued After Man Cuts Open Truck

A stowaway kitten was rescued after a man chopped open his own car.

Errand Frazier of Vero Beach, Fla., first became aware of the cat when he heard purring coming from his truck. Unsure of what was making the noises, or where they were coming from, he set up a camera and left a can of cat food out overnight.

The cat food was gone the next morning, but there was nothing on the camera, CNN iReport reports. Frazier heard the purring again later that day after driving down to a canal to fish. Concerned for the animals safety, Frazier grabbed sheet metal cutters and cut away the metal on the side of his truck, revealing a kitten.

“I seen this little rascal peeking at me,” Frazier recalled. “I said, ‘What in the world? You hitched a ride!'”

Even though he had spotted the culprit, he couldn’t get to the kitten. He called the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, which told him to head over, making sure to avoid bumps and drive slowly. Once there, Frazier and three staff members managed to get the kitten out of the truck. At roughly eight weeks old, the staff named her Megan.

Janet Winikoff, director of education at the local Humane Society, posted the story on the shelter’s Facebook page. Soon after, people began reaching out to help pay for the truck’s repairs. The shelter set up a “kitty truck fund” where donations can be made.

Frazier’s wife, Cindy, knew they would not be able to repair the truck, and was touched by the outpouring of support. “That’s the reason that little kitten just showed up here — because God knew we would do whatever we needed to do to make sure that kitten was safe.”

Megan has since been adopted by a family with two teenage girls.