Air Traffic Controller Tells Joke, Prevents Plane From Landing

A joke made by an air traffic controller to a pilot just before landing is now being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration because it prevented the plane from landing on schedule at the Atlanta International Airport on June 11.

According to the FAA report, the pilot of the Delta flight 630 from Detroit was descending the Boeing 777, and was 1,000 feet above the ground when the air traffic controller jokingly told the pilot that he could not land. Instead, the stooge told the pilot to loop-around the airport until it was safe to land.

Seconds later, the dangerous jokester told the pilot, “I’m kidding, Delta 630. After you land, I’ve got no one behind you. Expect to exit right.”

But since flying a plane is no kidding matter, the pilot believed the traffic controller and had already called-off the landing.

The FAA released a statement saying, “The FAA is investigating air traffic communications with Delta 630, a Boeing 777 aircraft on approach to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.” (RELATED: Here’s The Best Paper Airplane Throw You Will Ever See)

According to the report, the air traffic controller will not be disciplined until after the investigation is complete.