America’s Warped Jungian Unconscious

President Obama says about the school shooting at Troutdale, Oregon, “This is not acceptable, this is not normal … We’re the only developed country on Earth where this happens and it happens now once a week and it’s a one-day story.”

Well, that’s very bright. Obama blames guns for the sickness of his countrymen, even if they are legal guns. This makes him feel important and allows him to disguise himself as a specialist in moral leadership. As if pointing his finger at what he doesn’t understand will in some way cure us of the degraded behavior of Americans.

We don’t kill in spite of being Americans but because we are Americans. We come from a pioneer revolutionary spirit and have no respect for our predecessors, for marriage, religion or other people’s rights. We think that men and women can reverse their sexuality. We hardly exist as who we are. We are a failed race — we are American.

It’s time we accepted that and did our best to reverse our history. It’s time we started respecting each other’s lives, and along with them the sanctity of childbirth and marriage. It’s time we stopped excusing mental illness for crime and recognize that crime is sometimes inexplicably just crime. That mental illness is not an excuse but an explanation.

My original name was David Henry Lowenkron. I changed it to David Henry Lawrence because I admired D.H. Lawrence’s in-touchness to the soul as opposed to James Joyce’s connection to the intellect. Lawrence said, “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.” If we can’t recognize it, we can’t cure it. We don’t need Obama crying about guns when the trigger is American humanity.

Where does such violence come from? Where do we come from? A tradition of anti-traditionalism where anything goes and insanity and sanity are just considered shades of gray. For years the urban ghetto has called good “bad.”  Bad is meant to mean cool. Like that girl is bad. Language has separated from its meanings. It signifies too many possibilities.

The moral universe has turned upside down, and the result is the death of innocents. There is a wind of death. It blows through Americans while we pretend to be loving pacifists.  Beware of Obama. He speaks of kindness but doesn’t have a clue as to how to stop the murders that go on around him. He blames guns but takes no credit for leading killers.

We don’t need any more liberal village explainers who proclaim that school murders are the fault of guns. Gertrude Stein called Ezra Pound a village explainer as an insult. And Pound was a lot smarter than Obama.

Politicians who are trying to win brownie points say that Troutdale, Oregon serves as yet another painful reminder that America suffers from a gun violence epidemic.

And what about the knifings in Santa Barbara by Elliot Rodger?

Michael Sosteric, writing in a sociology journal, says that “when the tragedies hit, the questions start coming” but the “answers will never be very satisfying.” That’s because there are no answers, only approximations.

In an era when the soul and the mysteries of life have been stomped upon, how do we expect to understand the un-understandable?

Americans have a defective gene in our collective DNA. We are good people but we have let the worst get the best of us. We are not mentally ill. We are morally deranged and the sickest of us go way off the charts and shoot children. And the moderate of us accept their craziness and do little to stop it.