Man Used Retirement Village To House Meth Operation

A senior citizen living in a California retirement village has been accused of using his apartment as a meth lab.

Robert Short, 64, was pulled over Saturday night for a routine traffic check when officers found four ounces of meth in his car — an amount consistent with someone who deals, according to ABC30. Investigators were prompted to search Short’s retirement complex and found a meth lab and distribution operation.

“It’s shocking. I would never guess that anything like that would go on at a senior citizen village,” neighbor Robin Schramek told ABC30.

According to neighbors who live in the California League-Fresno Village, the retirement community is quiet and filled with residents who occupy themselves with activities like water aerobics and knitting — not cooking meth.

The report states that even though Short is a new tenant, none of the other residents knew him because he kept to himself and refused visitors — even going so far as posting signs to his door demanding privacy.

Short has previously been arrested for selling meth and has been on supervised release. After the police searched the alleged meth-cooking retiree’s apartment, they found a half-pound of meth, heroin and the materials for the meth lab. (RELATED: Police Smell Meth, Raid Home, Kill Man, Find No Meth)

“Just shocking someone that age would do that, but actually a perfect place to do it, right?” Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez told ABC30. “Retirement village, who would suspect it going on there?”