Norfolk, VA Cyclist Struck By SUV on Pedestrian Bridge, and the Cops Won’t Do Anything

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As my longtime readers know, I’m particularly interested in stories about people driving illegally and hitting pedestrians, and the cops doing nothing about it. This is the second-worst example I’ve ever seen.

The following video was recorded on June 14 by a Norfolk, VA woman named Kelley Howell, who was riding her bicycle on a pedestrian bridge. The camera was mounted to her handlebars.


That’s how quickly it happens.

Do you want to know who did this? I do. Unfortunately, the cops are much less curious.


Howell exchanged information with the driver of the SUV, and she told 13News Now she called police several hours later.

Howell, a self-described bike safety advocate, documents her concerns through YouTube.

She records the videos using the same camera she used Saturday. She shared the video from that day with the police officer who came to her house after she called.

“I said, ‘I have video if you want to see,’ and he said, ‘Oh, why do you have video?’ and I explained that I use it to educate, and he said, ‘Oh maybe you were the person who caused the accident,'” Howell recounted.

Howell said the officer told her police could not investigate because they had not been on scene right after the collision took place.

To recap: This woman was riding her bicycle on a pedestrian bridge, got hit by a freaking SUV, and has video documentation via her bike-mounted camera. So of course, the police blamed her for the accident and said there was nothing they could do.

Howell walked away with some bumps and scrapes. And she didn’t get a ticket. Could’ve been worse.

(Hat tip: Liz Klimas)

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