Seven Burning Questions For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Five [SPOILERS]

Another year, another season and a lot of deaths. The “Game of Thrones” finale Sunday night didn’t disappoint, and even ended on an upbeat note (as much as the series can be upbeat).

But just because the season ended lightly, despite two confirmed major deaths and one probable major death, doesn’t mean “Game of Thrones” fans don’t still have a ton of questions. So while next season might still be a year (!) away, here are seven questions to think about until then.

1. How is Tyrion going to survive in the Free Cities?

Tyrion has made his way through Westeros because of his father’s wealth. He’s been able to pay his way out of any predicament by simply telling whichever threat he encounters, “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

That was when Tyrion had money to rely on. Now he’s on the run with Lord Varys to the free cities, and while I’m sure Varys took into account the funds, Tyrion doesn’t have the Casterly Rock vault to rely on anymore.

Plus, he’s obviously much more jaded and angry at the world at this point. It was one thing for his father to sentence him to death. In fact, it was almost expected, given how much Tywin hated his youngest son. Even Shae testifying against him was shocking and hurtful, but it didn’t faze Tyrion.

But seeing the two share a bed was too much for him. He got his sweet revenge on both of them in perhaps the most satisfying deaths of the series, save for Joffrey. Varys once said Tyrion is one of the only people in Westeros capable of ruling the country appropriately, but will this latest abuse cloud his usually pragmatic judgment or leave him seeing clearer than ever?

2. Who is the next Hand of the King?

With Tywin gone, there is a serious power vacuum in King’s Landing. As the Hand, the patriarch of the Lannister family controlled nearly every aspect of the government. Now that he’s dead, who becomes the puppet master?

There are a few candidates, each with some baggage. Most notably is Jaime Lannister. He’s been around three kings and Tywin now and knows the ropes. He’s smart and cunning as well. Plus with his hand gone, he’s of practically no use to the King’s Guard.

However, he’s still in the King’s Guard and takes his oath very seriously. Would he be willing to forgo that oath the become Hand next to his son?

There’s also Petyr Baelish, more commonly known as Little Finger. He was Master of Coin before marrying Lysa Arryn of The Veil. We’ve seen just how manipulative the man can be, so it makes sense he’d try to become the number two in the country.

But he’s got baggage as well, namely Sansa Stark. The last we saw of Little Finger he was showing Robin Arryn how to be a man instead of a sickly boy and courting Sansa. We know he’s hungry for power, but would he risk Sansa — the daughter of his true love Catelyn Stark — for that power?

3. What’s going on with the dragons?

Daenerys Stormborn, the breaker of chains, showed that even she will break her rules. First, she allowed a man to sell himself back into slavery for a year, which even Barristan Selmy knew would lead to the exploitation of the older slaves.

Immediately following this meeting, a man came to Khaleesi weeping for his dead daughter. Drogon, Khaleesi’s black dragon, burned her alive. Khaleesi immediately chained up the other two dragons in the catacombs to stop them from injuring anybody else.

Will this lead to the dragons turning on her? She only has her power because the dragons burned the slavers of Astapor after she took over the Unsullied. Now that they’re trapped in a cave, will they still be the loyal beasts they have been or will they continue their independent streak and take it out on the young queen.