Seven Burning Questions For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Five [SPOILERS]

4.  How are Stannis and the Night’s Watch going to handle the situation?

We saw the Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch defend The Wall against Mance Rayder and the wildlings. It looked a like they were about to broker a peace agreement before Stannis Baratheon showed up and took out much of Mance’s remaining army before capturing the King Beyond The Wall.

What’s going to happen to these wildlings? We know they’re on the run from some scary stuff, namely the White Walkers. But will the people of Westeros accept the wildlings into the fray against the monsters, or will they be shortsighted and simply enslave them?

Plus, what was up with Melisandre’s look toward Jon Snow? Her blue eyes were reminiscent of the White Walkers, which is a little eerie, and her gaze at Snow toward the end suggests she has a plan for him, probably something nefarious.

5. What’s Jorah going to do?

Jorah can’t catch a break. First, his unrequited love for Khaleesi is seriously depressing. Then he had to watch Daario Naharis leave her room after a night of intimacy. The final nail in the coffin came after someone presumably in the Lannister camp sent his pardon from to Mereen while they were in the thick of freeing the city.

Jorah is a man filled with transgressions. He was a slaver, something he’s at least shown a little remorse for. He also spied on Khaleesi almost to the point of her assassination before having a change of heart.

Now he’s on his own in Essos it seems. He’s a man without a country who is still loyal to Khaleesi, but it appears he will never be in her good graces again. So where is he going to roam, and how is he going to survive?

6. Is Arya about to go off in Bravos?

After nearly reuniting with her family multiple times, Arya is somewhat of an enigma. She didn’t return to Sansa for whatever reason and is obviously hell-bent on revenge at this point. She shared her list with The Hound before taking his money and fleeing to Bravos, leaving him for dead.

Why’s she going to Bravos? Well she does have a connection there: the mysterious Jaqen H’ghar. H’ghar is actually the identity of one of the Faceless Men of Bravos, a group of assassins. He killed three people at Arya’s request before giving her a steel token to find them if she ever were to get to Bravos.

Now that Arya has tasted her first murder, will she join the assassins, or simply learn from them to exact her revenge?

7. Where the hell are Benjen Stark, Gendry, Nymeria and Rickon?

It has been forever since we’ve seen Benjen Stark, and his whereabouts are one of the biggest of the series. He left early in season one to search out Mance Rayder, but never returned. The scouts he left with returned (and turned into wights), but Benjen was nowhere to be found. Surely George R. R. Martin wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave his location unanswered.

Speaking of missing, Gendry wasn’t seen this year at all. After being set adrift in a rowboat by Davos Seaworth for fear he would be sacrificed by Melisandre, the guy has simply been absent. It’s especially infuriating because, as Robert’s true son, he has the most legitimate claim to his throne

Rickon, along with Osha, split up with Bran after last season. I get that he doesn’t have many lines, but he is still a Stark and could potentially be Lord, or King, of the North.

Finally the saddest missing person isn’t even a person. Nymeria was last seen in season one after Arya sent her away for fear the Lannisters would murder her after defending Arya from Joffrey. All the deaths in the series don’t quite compare to the sadness in the eyes of the dog after Arya threw a rock to get her to leave.

So where the hell are all these characters?