The 11 Most Shocking Deaths On ‘Game Of Thrones’ (So Far) [PHOTOS]

“Game of Thrones'” fourth season officially ended last night. If you’re like us, it’s going to take some coping to realize the wait for the next season is a year away. So let’s take some time for personal reflection and look at the most shocking deaths of the series thus far.

[Warning: Some of these images are graphic]

[Second warning: Try to respect the people who don’t read the novels and not post spoilers.]

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  • It may not be surprising in hindsight, considering all the deaths since, but Ned Stark's set the tone for the series. Played by the brilliant Sean Bean, a character with such star power seemed perfectly safe in an HBO show. But we were summer children then. His death made every other surprising death less shocking in a way because it created the "classic 'Game of Thrones'" feeling whenever a beloved character dies. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • I'll probably be flayed by Roose Bolton for not having the Red Wedding first, but there's definitely one more shocking. However, the Red Wedding killed off two major and one important side character in Robb and Catelyn Stark and Talisa Maegyr, respectively. My jaw dropped when I watched it as an entire plotline was written off in ten minutes by Walder Frey. Unfortunately, that bastard doesn't end up on the list. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • It may have been shocking, but boy was it satisfying. Joffrey has been referred to as several words I can't publish here, but his death was definitely not expected when it happened. Fresh off the heels of the Red Wedding, he bit the dust because of some devious work by Little Finger. Speaking of the Red Wedding ... (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • Really, Oberyn? I mean, really? You couldn't just finish off The Mountain and get Tyrion the W. You were such a cool character. A strange, bisexual, hedonistic badass with a spear from Dorne washed away like that. George R. R. Martin really does feed off the tears of his fans. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • This one's been a long time coming. The Machiavellian Tywin has tortured everyone around him, whether it be the Starks, Tyrion or even his own daughter Cersei. He has no regard for anyone's feelings and only cares about carrying on the name of the family. But his hubris toward Tyrion cost him his life (in perhaps the most satisfying scene of the finale). (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • "You know nothing Jon Snow." Especially that the sexy red-headed wildling fling of his was going to bite the dust this season. Yeah, she was pissed he left her, but they were so close to being reunited. As we've learned, the world of Westeros isn't a place for happy endings. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • Despite what people say, Jon Snow does know more than nothing. He knows how to properly handle himself as a commander and defend the wall because he learned from The Bear. Mormont was the victim of a mutiny while searching for Benjen Stark and Mance Rayder. (Photo Credit: Wicnet.tumblr.com)
  • We'd like to feel bad about this one, but she earned it. Yeah we get it, Tyrion offended her by saying she was a whore and trying to send her away. But banging his dad and testifying against him at his trial for murder? That’s just cold and made this death all the more satisfying. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • Renly was poised for a big storyline. He was King Robert’s brother and had a huge army ready to go, a legitimate threat to Joffrey’s crown. But he had no true claim to the throne, and it came back to haunt him in the form of a shadow vagina monster from the Red Witch Melisandre. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • The first real shocking death of the series, Lady was just an innocent direwolf pup when Cersei decided to have her killed. Of course it’s because of Joffrey getting taken down by Arya and her direwolf Nymeria. We didn’t know how evil the Lannisters (save for Cersei and Jamie) could be until we saw them demand the death of Lady. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)
  • While he may have been just a minor character, he was beloved. Possibly the kindest character in "Game of Thrones," he was overtaken by Theon Greyjoy. At least Theon got his comeuppance when he was stripped of his ... manhood. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/Game of Thrones HBO)