Holy Crap, Autobots Are Actually Picking Up Uber Users (For A Very Limited Time)

Uber users have two days left to roll out in a Transformer.

The company, a popular service that lets passengers use their phones to find drivers of vehicles for hire, announced on its blog Monday that for a short time users can take Autobots as their preferred method of travel.

Optimus Prime started in Dallas, and will be in Phoenix Thursday and Los Angeles Saturday. Users simply need to download Uber, pick the Autobots option, pin a location, and hit “Roll Out.” Obviously.

But customers will have to move fast. Each city only has a six hour window and only one Optimus Prime. The blog said each lucky rider is allotted 15 minutes in the car.

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” hits theatres June 27.

WATCH the trailer below: