No, Michael Jordan Was Not Going To Come Out Of Retirement

Seth Richardson | Contributor

The NBA finished its season Sunday night with the San Antonio Spurs taking the championship over the Miami Heat. It’s been a crazy season to say the least, but not as crazy as Jalen Rose thought back in October.

Speaking on Grantland with co-host Bill Simmons, Rose predicted Michael Jordan would come out of retirement for one game this season and play for the Charlotte Bobcats. Michael Jordan. Out of retirement. At 50.

We know Michael is capable of inhuman feats of athleticism, including saving the Looney Tunes from slavery, but coming out of retirement at 50? That was just a nonsense prediction, Jalen. Even Simmons looked befuddled at the idea and noted there would be a lot of hurdles regarding the NBA bylaws – including the fact NBA players may not own part of a team.

It’s not the craziest thing he could’ve predicted: that would have been the Bobcats winning the championship.

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