The Rich And Famous Can Now Fly Around On These Gigantic Private Planes [PHOTOS]

For those rich and famous people who already have a private plane but want one even more massive, Boeing has the plane for you!

Take a look at these 14 concepts for or existing customized jumbo jets as part of the Boeing Business Jet line.

1. Here’s the interior of a Boeing Business Jet 787, ready for swankifying. 

ILF KBL 787-8 ZA586 143

2. You can get a more typical, low-key interior decorating job. A little more standard, with comfy chairs, tables and boring carpet. 

BBJ Interiors

3. Or here’s a concept for a more upscale, family-room vibe. Perfect for the rich with a family!

Boeing Business Jet Interior

4. Of course, every plane of this magnitude needs a galley. 

Boeing Business Jet Interior

5. And for the work-a-holics or those who just need to keep in touch, this jet can even come with an office!

Boeing Business Jet Interior

6. Work and play can mix on these jets with this dining room/conference room. 

Boeing Business Jet Interior

7. Those in-flight movie screens on normal flights are so tiny. Why not upgrade to this theater?

787 VIP TheatreK65134