This New Drone Can Follow You Around To Film You Doing Impressive Things

Charles Thompson | Contributor

According to CNET, a small company has created a drone that will follow you and record your action sports maneuvers from the sky.

Called AirDog, the drone is different from other video recording drones because it follows you around while filming. A quad-copter, or basically a helicopter with four distinct rotating blades on the corners of the drone, AirDog is equipped with a Go-Pro camera for filming.

Specifically dedicated to sports such as water skiing, motorcycle racing and surfing, the user wears a wristband that acts as a location sensor for the drone to follow that user.

Furthermore, AirDog has numerous different modes as you can adjust the altitude of its flight and the angle of its camera to make a perfect video of your actions.

The company says that the drone will change the nature of filming action sports. Before, you were forced to attach a Go-Pro camera to your helmet or have someone else film you from the ground or fly a camera drone themselves.

“Why confine yourself to a stationary perspective or ground-level videos,” says an AirDog spokesman. “The AirDog takes things to a whole new level. It’s a hassle free way to get unreal footage. You don’t need remote controls, you don’t need to operate the drone, you just need to concentrate on your best performance.”

The AirDog inventors are already using a prototype AirDog to film their action sports moves.   However, the designers are asking for financial aid on their kickstart website to put the AirDog into mass production. The early bird edition of AirDog has already sold out, each one costing around $1,000.

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