12 Team Names The PC Police Want Outta Here [SLIDESHOW]

Last month, Senate Democrats wrote a letter to the commissioner of the NFL, demanding that he take action on the “insensitive” name of the Washington Redskins. They said the name reflected “racism and bigotry.”

Wednesday, we found out the U.S. Patent Office canceled the Redskins’ trademark registration.

Here are 12 other teams that would have to change their name if the PC police had their way.

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  • Hawaii Rainbow Warriors:  This is the PC police dream name. It is loving, caring and completely acceptable. In fact, it should serve as a prime example of appropriate sport names.  (But really. What's next? The Purdue Peace Princesses? The Southeastern Sunflowers?) (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers: This name is demeaning to farmers. Totally inconsiderate. (Screenshot/Youtube)
  • San Diego Padres:  This name is insenitive to Spanish Catholic Holy Men. (Photo: USA Today Sports/Reuters)
  • Cleveland Indians: Again, racially insensitive to Indians! Why do you hate Indians? (Photo: M. David Leeds /Getty Images)
  • Florida State Seminoles: Insensitive to the Indians! (Photo: Kevin C. Cox/ Getty Images)
  • Oakland Raiders: This name clearly undermines America’s foreign policy stance of diplomacy and peace. (Photo: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Insensitive to the Indians! (Photo: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Glorification of piracy encourages delinquent behavior. Duh.  (Photo: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
  • New Orleans Saints: Separation of church and state! Oh wait… (Photo: USA Today Sports/Reuters)
  • The Greenbay Packers: "Packers" refers to factory work, and factory work is demeaning so this name is totally inappropriate. (Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Why are you stereotyping all Irishmen as drunken fighters, huh? You want to fight me? (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)
  • Minnesota Vikings: Vikings were violent warlords. Many came from the Netherlands. Therefore, this name is insensitive to the Dutch. (Photo: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)