13 Names For The Washington Redskins To Please The Thought Police [SLIDESHOW]

With the recent ruling by the Patent Office canceling the Washington Redskins trademark, Daniel Snyder and the NFL will have to come up with a new name. Here’s 13 names to please the thought police.

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  • Redskins? No, this is just a guy in a hat. (Photo Credit:
  • Mind your words. (Photo Credit:
  • Suntans are sexy. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • A true progressive leader. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons user Shizhao)
  • Don't you dare say midget. That's our word. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/HBO Game of Thrones)
  • Nothing controversial about an adorable kitten. (Photo Credit:
  • A true leader in the Senate. (Photo Credit:,
  • It's genetic. (Photo Credit:
  • He really is the greatest president ever. (Photo Credit:
  • They can do anything you can do. (Photo Credit:
  • All they want is a better life. (Source:
  • They really are keeping us safe. (Photo Credit:
  • See, we can all get along. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons user pbyrne)