D’Souza Sees China Surpassing America: ‘They’re More Capitalist Today Than We Are’

Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t think it’s morning in America — and it may never be again.

D’Souza made the case that China is surpassing America in an extensive interview with The Daily Caller on his new book, “America: Imagine A World Without Her.” TheDC will be featuring segments from the interview throughout the week.

“I certainly think American leadership can continue, if we’re smart about it,” D’Souza said. “But if I look at history in the longer term, here you have China with a billion people. They have three times as many people as we do. Second, if they have a per capita GNP, if each guy in China made one-third of what Americans make, the Chinese GNP collectively would equal America’s. It seems almost inevitable that the Chinese economy will be bigger.”

“The average Chinaman will still be poorer than the average American, but the country will be collectively as powerful as America,” he continued. “The other thing about it is China has gone with capitalism full on. Their idea is to back not losers, but winners. They’re not bailing on companies that fail, they’re encouraging companies that succeed. You have guys in China who basically are excited that it’s Monday and wearing t-shirts to that effect.”

When TheDC pointed out that an economy that is planned by technocrats at commanding heights is usually not one that conservatives believe will succeed in the end, D’Souza persisted.

“Right, so the Chinese don’t do that,” D’Souza argued. “What they do is they unleash seven companies and they all go into computer software and the government sits back and watches. Then they figure out who’s killing all the other six and they back that guy. So they’re allowing the market to make decisions, and jumping in at that point. No, it is state intervention, I agree. I’m not saying the Chinese are practicing pure free market capitalism, but I am saying that they’re more capitalist today than we are.”

When TheDC pointed out how China’s low birthrate will make it a top heavy society that will get old before it gets rich, D’Souza countered by noting “it’s also a country that can put a hundred million men on the battlefield.”

“This is a country that, in a war, can take huge casualties, whereas America psychologically, if somebody were to come and blow up one American city this would be traumatic for America,” he said. “You blow up one Chinese city they’ll barely notice.”

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