10 Weird College Degrees You Can Get Right Now [SLIDESHOW]

The school year is rapidly approaching, and you’re undecided on a major. But why go for the traditional programs when you can get one of these weird degrees?

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  • Did you think factories did away with blacksmithing? Well, you'd be wrong. If you feel like striking the hammer to the anvil, then Southern Illinois University has the program for you with a degree in blacksmithing and metal casting. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • Perhaps your taste buds are more geared toward alcohol. With a degree in fermentation sciences from Appalachian State University, parlay all of that college drinking into a college degree. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • If white meat is on the menu for you, then head over to Texas A&M, where you can get a degree in poultry science. Learn the finer points of chicken biology, chemistry and service-oriented topics. Then you can have that Chick-fil-A you've always wanted. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • If you want to get in touch with other cultures but don't want to actually go there, then consider the ethnomusicology degree from UCLA. Finally, being a fan of African tribal music will pay off. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • Now if you're more of the outdoorsy type, then Plymouth State University has the degree for you. The adventure studies program puts student on a path to ... well, adventures like hiking, backpacking and rock climbing. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • Not everyone can be a stock car driver, so some of us choose a more leisurely sport like bowling. And what better way to celebrate bowling than with a degree from Vincennes University in Indiana in bowling industry management and technology? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • If you're more into NASCAR, then Winston-Salem State University has the program for you. Their motorsports management program prepares people for a career in the racing industry. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • Everybody loves watching movies and TV, so why not turn it into a course of study? With Bowling Green's bachelor's degree in pop culture, you can finally justify watching those reruns of "Seinfeld" for the 30th time. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • For "Sesame Street" or "Muppets" aficionados, there's always the UConn bachelor's and master's in puppetry. Finally, you can turn that hobby your parents are sort of ashamed of into a full-fledged degree! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
  • If you like casinos, why not try out UNLV's Entertainment Engineering and Design program? It teaches you the ropes of how to style, plan and manage a casino, all in the heart of Las Vegas. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)