Limbaugh Claims Hillary Truly Believes She’s Not Wealthy: ‘In Her World, $50 Million Is Peanuts’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh reacted Monday to Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims that she and Bill are not “truly” wealthy, explaining that the former secretary of state probably really believes she’s not well-off because “in her world, $50 million is peanuts.”

Limbaugh highlighted comments made by Hillary in Sunday’s The Guardian newspaper where she explained that her family is not “truly well off” — a claim that raised eyebrows because the Clintons have earned tens of millions through speeches and public appearances.

“Do you know how she defines that?” Limbaugh said. “She said, ‘We pay ordinary income tax. Really rich people don’t do that.'”

“I’m gonna tell you what this means,” he continued. “Hillary really thinks that, folks. The truly wealthy — how many times have we discussed on this program? When the subject of tax increases for the rich comes up, the rich never seem to oppose it. Why? Why is that?”

“And the answer is that the vast majority of people we are talking about who don’t oppose it are not paying income tax rates,” Limbaugh continued, noting that the ultra-wealthy Hillary hobnobs with derive money from investments and capital gains — not work.

The radio host noted that 25 years ago, a wealthy friend of Limbaugh’s explained that you had to have at least $400 million to “be a player.”

“I’m telling you, that’s the world the Clintons run in,” he asserted. “And when she says, ‘We pay ordinary income,’ what’s she saying is they have become wealthy because they EARN a lot of money. They pay ordinary income taxes because they generate ordinary income, which is book sales and speeches and stuff like that, and they pay income tax rates.”

“And in her world, no matter how much money you have, you are not wealthy,” Limbaugh said. “And what she doesn’t know is, is by discussing it this way she really is telling people what she wants to be. She wants to be a Warren Buffett. She wants to be in this really rarefied air where tax rates are irrelevant to you. And that’s a small percentage of even the top 1 percent.”

“In her world, $50 million is peanuts,” he asserted. “She has no idea — the point here is, she has no idea — big Democrat, they’re for the little guy, they care. They’re clueless. She wouldn’t be talking this way if she had any idea what life is like for most people in this country, particularly now in the Obama, Democratic Party economy.”

“And they won’t let it go!” he concluded. “They are hellbent on you and me thinking that they don’t have any money.”

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