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Ezra Klein Sees Great Value In Hillary Clinton’s Stupidity

While many have viewed former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s recent flubs in TV and radio interviews as a black mark on her chances of becoming the first female president, Vox Media‘s Ezra Klein sees a silver lining.

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

And Klein doesn’t see Clinton’s gaffes as a negative really at all. The liberal journo thinks some of the awkward things she has said in the rollout of her book, Hard Choices, will serve her in the long run. In the url, he calls them “valuable gaffes.” See here:

After spending three paragraphs explaining the variety of dumb things she’s said in recent weeks, he moved in for the kill — on her behalf, that is.

“Clinton’s string of highly public, vaguely embarrassing interviews speak to one of her real advantages: she can spend the next two years relearning how to run a national campaign,” he wrote, brightly. “Her competitors can’t.”

This was followed by several more paragraphs explaining why she seems so lame compared to her husband, President Bill Clinton.

And then this, a second pounding of Klein’s original point: “Hillary Clinton has two advantages over her opponents. The first is that she’s done this before. But the second is she can start doing it again much earlier than they can. She’s making mistakes in 2014 — when they don’t matter. They’ll make those mistakes in 2016 — when they do.”

Read Ez’s story here.