School District Looks To Birthday Cakes For New And Exciting Thing To Ban

A school district in the suburbs of Seattle has outlawed birthday cakes and other birthday sweets from all elementary school parties.

The ban is part of a broader set of wellness and nutrition policies by the Edmonds School District, where officials are blaming new federal wellness guidelines, reports Seattle CBS affiliate KIRO.

According to school district officials, the new federal wellness guidelines require schools to scrutinize what children are eating.

Rather than pieces of cake or cupcakes, district bureaucrats say, students can now enjoy pencils or perhaps handmade cards on birthdays.

Some parents are unhappy about the sweets ban.

“It’s not necessarily the district’s job to control that, to take away from everybody,” parent Marcus Shelton told local Fox affiliate KCPQ. “It’s overreaching.”

Thus far, the district has received three written complaints.

Other parents think the ban is a fine idea.

“Because there are so many birthdays throughout the year and they are getting treats throughout the year, I am fine with it. I don’t think it’s a big deal,” satisfied mom Lea Agol told the Fox station.

School district spokeswoman DJ Jakala suggested that the district concluded that too much cake could cause kids to act up.

“In a week, say you have three kids who have birthdays — you do see a change of behavior in the classroom,” she told KCPQ.

It’s not clear how many weeks in a school year a single class sees three birthdays (or why teachers wouldn’t combine those birthdays). A typical school year is nearly 40 weeks long.

District officials noted that students will still receive sweet treats chosen by school employees during three parties interspersed throughout the school year.

If there’s one thing school officials and school district bureaucrats love to do, it’s finding new and exciting things to ban.