Ten Celebrity Instagrams You Should Be Following Right Now

Photo: Instagram  Photo: Instagram   

Check out what celebrities are ‘gramming and get ready to double tap the pictures that have put them in this top ten list. The selfies are shameless.

No. 1: Miles Teller, @miles_teller, 260,000 followers

Divergent actor Miles Teller’s Instagram account is weirdly endearing, showing us pictures of his breakfast (a bowl of bacon and grapes) and the time he wore a sweater vest for school picture day.

No. 2: Vanessa Hudgens, @vanessahudgens, 3.5 million followers

This bohemian’s feed is full of her zany manicures and commitment to fitness.

No. 3: Reese Witherspoon, @reesewitherspoon, 500,000 followers

The actress’s account reveals many things: her love for Judge Judy, pictures of her and Sofia Vergara on the set of their new film and views from her family vacations.

No. 4: Amanda Seyfried, @mingey, 605,000 followers

Seyfried’s account is essentially run by her charming Australian shepherd Finn, easily making it in our top ten. He also has a Twitter account.