Ten Celebrity Instagrams You Should Be Following Right Now

Check out what celebrities are ‘gramming and get ready to double tap the pictures that have put them in this top ten list. The selfies are shameless.

No. 1: Miles Teller, @miles_teller, 260,000 followers

Divergent actor Miles Teller’s Instagram account is weirdly endearing, showing us pictures of his breakfast (a bowl of bacon and grapes) and the time he wore a sweater vest for school picture day.

No. 2: Vanessa Hudgens, @vanessahudgens, 3.5 million followers

This bohemian’s feed is full of her zany manicures and commitment to fitness.

No. 3: Reese Witherspoon, @reesewitherspoon, 500,000 followers

The actress’s account reveals many things: her love for Judge Judy, pictures of her and Sofia Vergara on the set of their new film and views from her family vacations.

No. 4: Amanda Seyfried, @mingey, 605,000 followers

Seyfried’s account is essentially run by her charming Australian shepherd Finn, easily making it in our top ten. He also has a Twitter account.