CU Boulder Has Seven Times More Democrat Professors Than Republican Professors

A social climate survey published on June 26 revealed that there are seven times as many Democrat professors than Republican professors at University of Colorado Boulder.

The breakdown of political party affiliation of faculty members at CU-Boulder was 40.6 percent Democrat, 5.7 percent Republican and the rest being Independent, other or declined to state, according to The College Fix.

Across the entire University of Colorado system, the political party breakdown was 42 percent Democrat, 9 percent Republican and the rest being Independent, other or declined to state.

Political philosophy among faculty in the University of Colorado system was 60 percent liberal, 13 percent conservative, 14 percent moderate and the rest being other.

The results of the survey concerned Regent Sue Sharkey, a Republican, for the lack of diversity.

“Where is the diversity in our political affiliation or political philosophy among faculty?” Sharkey said. “That is a really small number, so that’s a concern. And the same with our students.”

The survey notes that while in the minority, a significant amount of students, staff and faculty didn’t think that their political views were respected on campus.

University of Colorado administrators, however, were encouraged by the survey results, saying that the CU system has a “tolerant, respectful social climate … though some areas present opportunities for improvement.”

The survey noted that most students view the CU system as having a “respectful” climate with professors being “tolerant” of differing points of view.