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Reporter In Bikini Catches Eye Of TV Host

As optics go, if you’re Greg Kelly, co-host of Good Day New York, it’s probably not the best idea to be gawking on air at a reporter in a bikini.

It’s not the greatest idea in the world for any on-air male reporter, really. But in 2012, Kelly faced what appears to be an invalidated accusation of rape. All allegations were dropped. Kelly was not charged. The accuser, Maria Di Toro, a paralegal, surfaced in a recent profile in BuzzFeed that raised more questions about her mental condition than it did to provide concrete answers about what really happened between them.

Deadspin wrote a story with the headline, “Good Day New York Anchor Gets Horny Over His Female Colleague’s Body.”

“I’m going to de-robe here,” said Anna Gilligan, the female reporter, while preparing to do a Tarzan-type jump into water in New Jersey. “I don’t know what’s scarier, the ride or taking off my clothes.”

“Wow, here she goes in a two piece!” announced Kelly, who proceeded to get a little creepy about the whole thing. “Look at her! It’s like out of a movie. …First of all, nice bathing suit.” When she said she was going to put on some clothes, he said, “Not so fast.”

Another female colleague, Rosanna Scotto, scolded Kelly. “Greg, stay appropriate. …What is wrong with you?” she asked. “Oh relax,” he replied.

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